Tailsman Ring


18K Gold Filled Talisman Double Finger Ring

This boho ring from the Talisman Collection is handmade in Istanbul. It is 18K gold filled and great for daily wear as gold filled jewelry is very durable and won't tarnish. It features four small white cubic zirconia stones and two pink semi precious gemstones to add even more visual interest to the piece.

A talisman is an object believed to have magical properties that intended to protect, heal and bring good luck to the wearer. Talismans are usually carried on someone and one of the most common ways to do it is wear it as jewelry. So, I formed this ring as a protective talisman, that will also bring luck to you.

Product Features:
• Materials: 18K Gold Filled over Brass
• Color: Gold
• Gemstone: White Cubic Zirconia and and Pink Semi-precious Gemstone
• Ring Size: Adjustable