Aquamarine Necklace


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Half and Half Chain and Tourmaline Necklace
This unique chain necklace is handmade in Istanbul. It is made in a half and half style with one half featuring colorful raw tourmaline stones and the other half featuring a paperclip link chain. This necklace is 18k gold filled over 925 sterling silver and great for daily wear as gold filled jewelry is very durable and won't tarnish. It is a great piece for boho jewelry lovers.

Rumored to be born from the rare energy of a rainbow, Tourmalines can be found in a range of colors from pink, purple to green. Tourmaline works with all the chakras to keep the energy flowing in full force. While different shades work with different chakras, the heart and the root chakra tend to be the most connected with Tourmaline. One of the things that Tourmaline is amazing at is taking negative thoughts and lending a positive spin on them. It is the birthstone of October and in the astrological world Libra and Virgo both make full use of the healing powers of true Tourmaline.

Product Features:
• Materials: 18K Gold Filled Sterling Silver
• Gemstone: Raw Tourmaline
• Chain Length: 17.7 Inch